About us

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... Once upon a cosmic horizon, there existed a visionary group of Space Farmers - the founders of Clone Intergalactic. Born amidst stellar nurseries and nebulous gardens, they discovered extraordinary cannabis genetics, an interstellar gift to humanity. As they journeyed through the cosmos, these pioneers mastered the art of cultivation, harnessing the power of celestial bodies and the richness of cosmic soils. Each strain they discovered held the mysteries of the universe, offering unparalleled experiences. Their mission transcended beyond mere discovery. It was a quest to bring these cosmic treasures back to Earth, to share their celestial bounty with the world. Thus began Clone Intergalactic's intergalactic voyage back home, with a cargo of rare and potent strains. Landing on Earth, they encountered a planet vibrant with diversity yet yearning for new experiences. Clone Intergalactic, now Earth-bound, pledged to introduce their cosmic discoveries, fostering a new era of understanding and appreciation for cannabis. Their global expansion was not just about business; it was a cultural odyssey. Forming alliances with like-minded earthlings, they shared their knowledge, culture, and most importantly, their cosmic strains. Today, Clone Intergalactic stands as a beacon of interstellar wisdom and earthly craftsmanship. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation continues to shape the future of cannabis culture on Earth. And as they say in the far reaches of space, "May the Terps be with You" - a testament to their enduring legacy and the extraordinary journey that brought the universe's finest to our doorstep.

Space Farmers